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  * This program can be called via a remote shell command to find out if the
  * hostname and address are properly recognized, if username lookup works,
  * and (SysV only) if the TLI on top of IP heuristics work.
  * Example: "rsh host /some/where/try-from".
  * Diagnostics are reported through syslog(3) and redirected to stderr.
  * Author: Wietse Venema, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.

#ifndef lint
static char sccsid[] = "@(#) try-from.c 1.2 94/12/28 17:42:55";

/* System libraries. */

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <syslog.h>
#include <string.h>

#ifdef TLI
#include <sys/tiuser.h>
#include <stropts.h>

#define     STDIN_FILENO      0

/* Local stuff. */

#include "tcpd.h"

int     allow_severity = SEVERITY;  /* run-time adjustable */
int     deny_severity = LOG_WARNING;      /* ditto */

main(argc, argv)
int     argc;
char  **argv;
    struct request_info request;
    char    buf[BUFSIZ];
    char   *cp;

     * Simplify the process name, just like tcpd would.
    if ((cp = strrchr(argv[0], '/')) != 0)
      argv[0] = cp + 1;

     * Turn on the "IP-underneath-TLI" detection heuristics.
#ifdef TLI
    if (ioctl(0, I_FIND, "timod") == 0)
      ioctl(0, I_PUSH, "timod");
#endif /* TLI */

     * Look up the endpoint information.
    request_init(&request, RQ_DAEMON, argv[0], RQ_FILE, STDIN_FILENO, 0);
    (void) fromhost(&request);

     * Show some results. Name and address information is looked up when we
     * ask for it.

#define EXPAND(str) percent_x(buf, sizeof(buf), str, &request)

    puts(EXPAND("client address  (%%a): %a"));
    puts(EXPAND("client hostname (%%n): %n"));
    puts(EXPAND("client username (%%u): %u"));
    puts(EXPAND("client info     (%%c): %c"));
    puts(EXPAND("server address  (%%A): %A"));
    puts(EXPAND("server hostname (%%N): %N"));
    puts(EXPAND("server process  (%%d): %d"));
    puts(EXPAND("server info     (%%s): %s"));

    return (0);

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